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Want to rank highly on Google? is the perfect solution for your business. It has the most powerful tools to give you the highest rankings on Google. The site is user friendly and highly intuitive. In one view, you have everything you need to succeed at your fingertips.

The Semalt analysis tools are easily accessible on the website. You get to see the products they have to offer, more about the parent company, their success stories and various options to contact them. You have the option to log in or create an account with Account creation helps you save your SEO projects in Semalt. 


Web analytics involves collecting, reporting and analyzing web data. It is a complex process that helps determine if a website is attaining its desired goals and objectives. From the analyzed data, better strategies for improvement of the website are then created. The Semalt analysis tools are the most powerful tools to help you do these and more. 
The Semalt analysis tools are divided into 4 sections.
  • SERP 
In this section, you will find the tools needed for the comprehensive analysis of your website. The SERP section has three subsections.
a. Keywords in TOP: Here you'll see the number of keywords your website ranks for in the Google TOP 1-100 organic search results as opposed to an earlier date. You also get to see a chart that shows the number of keywords in Google TOP over time. With this tool, you can check out the changes in the number of keywords that your website ranks for in TOP. Finally, you can view the ranked pages of your website and their SERP positions for a particular keyword. 
b. Best pages: Here, you'll be given insight into your best traffic-generating pages. You will find a chart that shows the changes in the number of website pages in TOP since the inception of your project till date. You will also be able to know the number of website pages in Google TOP 1-100 organic search results, as opposed to an earlier date. You can also view it as a bar chart as opposed to the regular numerical summary. There is another chart that let's you know the changes in the number of keywords your selected pages have been ranking for in TOP from the launch date of your pages.

c. Competition: Semalt gives you insight into your competitors' websites so you can learn from them and adjust your current business plan accordingly. This helps you find all the websites that rank in Google TOP 1-100 for keywords that are similar to those your website ranks for. You will also be shown what position your website holds among your competitors. You'll be given insight into the total number of shared keywords for which your selected competitors have ranked in TOP. You'll also find a table where you can see the number of shared keywords that your website and your competitors rank for in Google TOP. From this table, tracking the difference in the number of shared keywords as opposed to an earlier date becomes easy. 
  • Content
It is important for you to find out whether Google considers your webpage unique or not. Someone else may have copied your webpage content and if theirs is indexed sooner than yours, Google will tag your webpage plagiarized and will label theirs the primary source of content. You will want to monitor this because Google penalizes sites that have a large number of duplicate content. Here you'll find out whether Google treats your webpage like a unique source or not. enables you to view your uniqueness percentage rating to help you know if your website is considered unique or not. A score of 0-50% is something you don't want to have - this means Google considers your webpage a duplicate. A rating of 51%-80% means Google thinks your webpage is a rewrite at best. This is an average score but Semalt can help you do better. A score of 81%-100% is a favourable indicator that you are doing things right here. Google considers your content unique. This greatly improves your ranking. 
You will find a "content" tool that helps you view all the content that Google sees on your webpage. It also highlights the duplicate parts of the content of your webpage. 
Another tool you will find handy is the "original content source" tool which brings up all the sites that Google considers primary sources for the content of your webpage. It even shows you the exact part of your content that is found in those other websites so you can look into those areas to better boost your uniqueness rating. Semalt has a team of professional writers who can help you make your webpage content as unique as possible. They can be contacted easily on

  • Google Webmasters
After logging in to your Google account, you will have access to the Google webmasters tool. In this section, you will see how your website appears in search results on Google. It will help you identify indexing issues. You will also be able to submit your websites and sitemaps as a whole list and request their indexing by Google.
You will also have access to metrics that suggest the effectiveness of your website. This helps identify what you're doing right and those things doing wrong which prevent your site from being ranked in Google TOP 1-100.
The sitemap tool allows you to submit your website's sitemap to Google so you can learn which sitemaps have been indexed and those that have errors.
  • Page speed
The page speed analyzer is a powerful tool that displays your page load time, the number of successful audits you have and the number of errors to fix. This tool gives you a percentage score for both the desktop and mobile versions of your webpage. The loading speed of your website affects your ranking, so this tool is priceless.
A score of 0-49 indicates extremely slow speed. A score of 50-89 indicates average speed whirl a high score of 90-100 indicates good speed.
Semalt also gives you insight into how user-friendly your website is by emulating the loading process in a desktop browser and in a mobile browser. This helps show you how we'll optimized your webpage is for Google SERP promotion. 


When you log in to your account, you're taken to your dashboard where you'll find options to use filters to find your needed projects and obtain current data. You can group your projects by adding slices. You also have the option to sort out your projects by various criteria to monitor the progress of your websites. 


Semalt offers the best products for your SEO optimization. The products listed include:
  1. AutoSEO: This helps give you better website optimization, improves your website's visibility, helps attract new visitors and increases your business' online presence. The AutoSEO services Semalt provides is second to none.
  2. Full SEO: With Full SEO, Semalt gives you better website optimization, a positive ROI, helps you invest in your future wisely and gives fast, effective and longterm results. You can be ranked among the Google TOP 100 websites when you launch your own Full SEO campaign with Semalt.
  3. E-commerce SEO: You won't find a better SEO campaign for your E-commerce website than Semalt's E-commerce SEO. Semalt does the job for you - they bring in clients actually! They help promote your low-frequency keyword queries to increase visibility to visitors, they give you a niche analysis and you only pay for results.
  4. Analysis: Semalt's website analytic tools help you monitor your market, track the positions of your competitors in relation to yours and they deliver a topnotch comprehensive analytics business information. You will also discover new markets. They even help you convert your data into PDF and EXCEL formats - such life savers!
  5. SSL: Semalt provides security for your websites. This ensures the privacy protection of your users as well. You'll have more visitors from Google and Google Chrome gives you a green line.


  • What is Semalt?
After reviewing the tools and products at, we get to meet Semalt on a deeper level. 
  • About Us
Here you get to see their efficient team of experts and even get a view of their workspace.
  • Pricing
Semalt's products are quite cost-friendly because they truly want your business to succeed. There is a plan for you if you want to use their services monthly, every 3 months, 6 months or yearly.
  • Testimonials
Semalt's happy clients eagerly leave reviews of the high conversion rates they've been having ever since they entrusted their businesses into the safe hands of Semalt.
  • Blog
The Semalt blog is available for everyone who needs valuable information about SEO from the basics to the latest industry news.
  • Help Centre
At Semalt's help centre, you get can get assistance if you’re stuck. 
  • Reseller Program
Want to make some extra money? Semalt has you covered with their reseller program when you resell their topnotch SEO services.


You can discover over 5000 websites that have become more successful thanks to Semalt. Don't you think it is time your website is on that list too?


Semalt is social. You can contact them on social media, email and their hotlines are available as well. You can also drop by their physical address if you're in the neighbourhood.


One can't deny the fact that Semalt is highly dedicated to the success of their clients from the array of powerful tools they have provided. Semalt is definitely the go-to solutions hub for all things SEO related. Your business is surely in safe hands.